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  • Are competent employees important for you?
  • Is your know-how retiring?
  • Do you know where your ”know-how” is currently hiding?
  • Are you developing your knowledge double or triple?
  • Are you capable to present your knowledge ”up to date”
  • vimotion: emotion is true motion
  • Are you ready to leave well-worn tracks behind?

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Welcome to Vimotion.

We are specialized in storing, -distributing, developing and providing knowledge.

We offer you individually customized web – based learning systems.

Your vimotion-Team



»For an idea that does not first seem insane, there is no hope«

Albert Einstein

Innovation means for us, to offer our customers maximum benefits.


  • employees always ” up to date ”
  • sustainable and comprehensible high competence
  • motivated and inspired partners
  • permant systematic personnel development
  • effictive, time and cost – saving personnel development
  • individually applicable and available
  • efficient training of new staff members
  • excellent customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • effective introduction of new products
  • high availability
  • outstanding data security

vimotionOur field of work

Our field of work


  • analyse your current situation
  • plan and develop innovative concepts
  • analyse the expense
  • set up appropriate expert teams
  • find suitable methodical, didactical and technical approaches
  • create multimedia content in an attractive design
  • operate the matching technological infrastructure
  • organize accompanying measures
  • provide qualified support
  • evaluate feedback

In other words:
One partner

vimotionOur team

»The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.«


The sum of our talents determine the reachable quality.

We see you as part of our team.


ILIAS is a flexible and high – performance open source knowledge management platform,

  • can be used as a learning,- knowledge and cooperations platform
  • is designed to the maximum freedom in regard of didactical and methodical structure and therefore
  • is suitable for any desired scenario
  • was developed in German – speaking regions
  • used worldwide
  • supports 28 languages
  • used in many universities
  • by vimotion adapted individually to your situation, mission and goals.



ILIAS – Integrated Learning, Information- And work cooperations System – offers a versatile environment, which meets any demand in the field of learning, cooperation and knowledge documentation / archiving.

All common solutions of synchronous and asynchronous communication are supported by ILIAS, so clients can easily display their concepts and structures.

For this purpose ILIAS offers a precise structured rights model.

With a variety of already existing modules common deployment scenarios can be implemented without major effort.

The platform can be extended via plugins, so that new concepts also can be implemented future-proof.

ILIASILIAS at a glance

  • Efficient creation of learning and course materials as well as materials for collaborative working.
  • Standardized workflows lower the entry barriers for teachers and students.
  • Existing concepts can be transferred to ILIAS by internal structuring possibilities and design, without larger adjustments.
  • A personalized work area for users simplifies the overview, even with extensive and complex learning platforms.
  • Teaching staff have various tools available to create learning contents like teaching modules, wikis, interactive documents and much more.
  • Monitoring learning success is possible through efficient testing and assessment opportunities.
  • By support of the popular e-learning standard SCORM the compatibility of many learning materials with the platform is guaranteed.


ILIAS features a large amount of functionalities. As a result of the efficient role and rights model and the easy configurability, the complexity for teaching staff and students is effectively reduced.

Via plugins a wide adjustment of ILIAS is possible without having to perform any changes in the system. There are also no changes necessary when switching to future versions.

The design is also via SKIN the design is also adjustable to the greatest possible extent, so that clients are able to transfer their corporate identity to ILIAS.


SCORM – Shareable Content Object Reference Model

ILIAS supports the popular e-learning standard SCORM in the versions 1.2 and 2004. Therefore SCORM modules available on the market are compatible and can be used without any problems. SCORM standardizes the communication between the learning platform and the learning module.

When used by the student, the module submits the results to the learning platform, which clearly presents the results, since the significance of the transferred data is precisely defined.

SCORM was designed with the goal of high modularizing. therefore Own learning modules can be used without any problems on other learning platforms.

Example: soGEHT´S!


To display own workflows and structures in ILIAS and to be capable to control the access, ILIAS possesses an extensive role and rights management.

For example the digital continuous education campus in Baden-Württemberg regulates with this right model a joint platform for various continuous education providers in Baden-Württemberg.

Therefore the role and rights management, paired with functional extensions by VIMOTION, allows the hosting of complete networks in one single ELIAS instance without impairment of each participant.


By connection with virtual classrooms ILIAS is a versatile tool made available for conferences, online meetings and much more.

Due to their effectiveness, they will be a much needed and frequently used tool.

For ILIAS many virtual classroom solutions are available, which offer possibilities for moderation, screen sharing, as well as cooperative collaboration.

vimotion utilizes primarily two solutions:

  • Openmeetings
  • vitero


With plugins it is possible to expand many functions of ILIAS. Often there are very specific requirements,
which is why many plugins stay unknown.

Talk to us: The development of plugins is our daily bread and butter and often we know solutions which were developed in the ILIAS community.

If possible we publish plugins. One of our plugins for example is XMPP – chat.

Example: Continuous education consulting service (XMPP-Chat)

    Monday between 10 am and 12 am
    Tuesday until Thursday 10 am – 16 pm


Content describes the information in media and IT systems; in e – learning systems those would be the required learning content.

E-learning starts usually with the application of a learning platform, on which already existing or simple produced contents are being provided, for examples PDF articles or slide sets. To provide more complex learning contents they have to be didactically and methodically edited. Over time more complex medias like pictures, audio and video sequences, animation and simulation are being used.

It is beneficial, to set guidelines for the production as well as the administration of the learning content. This guarantees a high degree of reusability and therefore time and cost saving, additionally ensuring a high level of study quality.



General content, like for example, language and software training is being bought

Special content, like for example, product training is individually produced.

  • Define educational goal
  • Collect and evaluate learning content
  • Prepare learning content methodically and didactically in accordance
    of initial requirements, organize and determine the order
    Choose media Text, audio, pictures, moving images, animation, simulation…
    Define interactions, lessions, feedback, tests, chat…

The goal of a professional content production consists in, that the student studies with motivation and fun, therefore reaches the learning goal fast and smoothly.


The Thief Lord is a youth novel of the German writer Cornelia Funke, which was published in the year 2000. Based on her novel, 2006 a full length movie was produced.

ContentSerious Game

Serious games is defined as digital games which primarily do not serve the entertainment, but pursue a serious object, like information or education, while including entertaining elements.

The below – mentioned sample demo shows a world without action to explore.

If you do not have Unity-Player installed, you will have to download it, because a standard browser will not display 3D- objects with support of a graphic card.

You operate the 3D- world with the arrow keys, by using the mouse you can look into different directions.

Example: 3D Demo (unity3d)


The computer – based production of animations uses the resources of computer graphics and supplements them with additional techniques.

Mattoni advertisement


The digital Campus for Continuing Education in Baden-Württemberg

  • Learning management system ILIAS
  • E-Learning Standard (SCORM 2004)
  • Mobile version
  • Requirements for an individual SKIN (local user)
  • Opportunity for interface adaption
  • Legal certainty
  • media marketplace with license management

ReferencesAlliance for Lifelong Learning

The Alliance for Lifelong Learning (BLLL) was constituted on December 20th 2011. The alliance consists of approximate 40 baden – württembergische umbrella associations, organisations, vimotion and independent institutions from the general, professional and scientific continuing education, as well as other affected departments.
Further information regarding common goals of the alliance partners you will find in the alliance certificate (Agreement: Alliance for Lifelong Learning, January 31st 2011)

Continuous education documentation of the Alliance for Lifelong Learning, to implement the recommendations from the Commission of Enquiry ”Fit for life in knowledge society”

    Digitale Weiterbildungs-Campus

ReferencesFederal Labour Office

BRe – employment digital – Blended Learning used by the Federal Labour Office

This is a project about Blended Learning courses, in which attendance phases in addition to the modules are presented in digital classrooms, at an appointed time.

If it doesn’t constitute very specific coaching classes, there will be permium quality modules for independent learning to increase required time flexibility. These modules are provided by

Lernbörse and exclusively owned by the Federal

Labour Office. They provide detailed feedback of the learning process and are used as integral course elements.They are supplemented by customized class scripts and forums are used as well.